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11 February 2010

Headphones: Audio Technica ONTO vs WeSC Oboe

You may probably have read my previous post.
Or not? Well, read it. Hahahaha!!!

There's a growing number of people who have ear muffs walking around everywhere.

No, seriously.

Some headphones look really cool and expensive while some are, umm... so-so.

Just based on my observation, I think it's safe to assume that SkullCandy is the most common.
Reason why I don't like it.  Reason why I don't wanna have it.
And the designs are too young and trendy for me.

So let's fuh-gedda-bout-it.

What I'm really lusting for are these two:
Audio Technica ONTO Headphones and WeSC Oboe headphones

First up, WeSC, correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, this brand has been around for several years now. I'm sure the sound quality is good.

I like this because it's simple, not too outlandish.  And it's white.  Aah... white.
And being the brand-snob/slave that I am, I like that WeSC logo on the side.


It's not pronounced as Wesk.. It's We SC, as how you pronounce the letters.

Next in line is the super humble and super simple Audio Technica ONTO Headphones

It's adjustable.
It feels barely there.  It hides on your hair.
It won't mess up your hair.

The pads only rest on your ears instead of covering the whole area around the ears which can hurt you if worn for a long time.

They have the same price and the same specs.

I will really buy one, maybe next month.
But I wanna know ze husband's opinion first--which one he likes better.

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