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22 February 2010

My Husband Is Sweet. And so are YOU!

You're so sweet!  Thank you!

Thank you for reading my overactive, over analyzing, and rambling thoughts.
Thank you for appreciating my outfit.

My answer to your questions:

I'd like to thank my sweet husband for my clothes.
Seriously. He's the one who bought me that red top from Mango. Oh gosh, way back 2006?
I wear off-season clothes because I'm poor and a normal person. Hahaha.
And I refuse to let go of it since ze husband gave it to me. 

(Trivia: We go shopping together. We enjoy it.  He doesn't care if I take a long time picking out clothes.  Actually, he takes looonger to shop)

We've got to hand it to the man who takes me to shopping (sort of) sprees anytime I like.  One of the reasons why we're still poor. Hehehe.

As for the skirt, I'd like to thank my ze husband again for buying it for me in Turkey way back 2007.  He's a seaman so on rare occasions that he gets to go out, he finds something for me.

But, lo and behold, I saw something similar in SM Makati last year.  It was in a different color though.
So much for buying imported, diba? Hahaha. Ok lang.

And it was cheap ha. I'm not sure about the price. I do remember it was below a thousand.

Thank you again!!! I'm very grateful.

1 comment:

rhea said...

my husband was also a seaman. he died in a ship accident last 2008 =( i remember we used to shop din together =( oh god how i miss him so much ="(

anyway, thanks for your reply =) Godbless you and your family...