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03 February 2010

On To A New Journey (Part 2)

Tuesday, 11am
My schedule to meet with the Operations for the last part of the process.  I was late! Flop, 2 points.

I was asked to transfer to the other entrance of TELUS.  At first, I felt so giddy being able to step inside the Operations floor.  But once I took my 10th step (bilang na bilang talaga! Hahaha!), I got too emotional.  I swear, I thought I was gonna cry!  I recalled all too quickly that I was alone and would surely look crazy if I cried.  Really, I was emotional, walking along the hallways, feeling the cold breeze of the aircon (yuck, parang author lang!), hearing the agents talk, reading the billboards, seeing very few familiar faces.

That was the time I realized something. I LOVE TELUS.  
It was my first real mature job.  Prior to working with TELUS, I figured I was just playing and hate mostly all the things I did.

So yes,  I love TELUS.  I love it that I learned so much from my work, and gained some friends.  I love all the stressful job responsibilities.  I now miss hitting the impossible head count requirement for every class weekly.

Then a Team Captain approached me and the interview started.

Just the same, he asked me only a couple of questions.
Why do these people refuse to ask me questions?? I'm an applicant! Hahaha!!

Things he asked, why am I applying for an agent position and how do I think would I be challenged with the transition.

Super easy questions, right?

What's funnier was when he told me,

"I assume you already know the result of this interview."


By afternoon, I signed the contract already.  The offer is a lot cheaper but I couldn't really complain.  I wanted a part time position and I knew very well how much I would be getting.

In all honesty, there are three main reasons why I wanted to work again.
1)  For health benefits.  Being a mom of two, I wanted to take advantage of this benefit.  I'm now starting to realize the value of health cards.
2)  Stability.  I wanted to earn a stable income.  In preparation for ze husband's arrival and long vacation by May or June.  Yes, I might have sidelines and I still plan to start up my business and although we still have another business, we can never have enough money.  We want to enjoy his vacation and we don't want to dramatically cut costs.
3)  Self-fulfillment.  Oh, I'm not sure if I found the right word.  What I want is that, just in case I decide to go full-time (but that's very unlikely) I want my CV to appear that I did something worthwhile.  I don't want to stagnate myself with just writing and thinking of more creative ideas for my small dream business.

1)  Having to wake up so early in the morning to make it to the 7am shift.  But really, that time is perfect.  I leave the kids sleeping and be home when they are about to wake up or just did.  I give high importance to eating together with my kids and giving them a bath.  I can never bargain that for anything else.
2)  It's a great deal for me to actually step down from my previous position and be just an agent to a customer service account.  I'm no genius but I know my brains can do more than that.
3)  I never imagined myself to be an agent.  In fact, I hated some of them.  It's so hard to explain.  Let's just put it this way.  There are two types in my own humble opinion.  The agents who really have good comm skills even before joining the industry and stay the same all throughout their employment and talk like a normal person when outside the production area.

The other type, the type I despise the most, are those who just enhanced their comm skills via exposure and experience in the industry.  Most of the time, these are the ones who have a change in their attitudes once they hit their 3rd month in the company.  And these are also the ones who talk in coffee shops as if they are still on call.  Holding on to their accent in a very irritating manner.

Oh agents, they all look the same.  Printed jackets or over the top winter coats with a Starbucks tumbler in hand and a cigarette in the other.  Plus sporting their oh-so-cool sunnies.  

I SWEAR, I will never be like those.

I do realize that this is a very aggressive opinion.  It is MINE.

I may be wrong, but I higly doubt it.

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