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22 February 2010

Scary Spice // My Hair // Jerome - Piandre

Saw this online.  A very recent photo of my non-favorite Spice Girl, Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown.

Looking for hairstyles since I have long been planning on getting a haircut.  But I am SOOO sick of layered hair with side swept bangs.  I see it everywhere.

This is just my belief but I don't think I ever followed a trend when it comes to hairstyles.
Back in 2003 (or 2004?) when rebonding, relaxing, and straightening were all the rage, I refused to ride it.  Well, mainly because I have straight hair.  And second, I didn't want to follow everyone.

So I went with soft curls.  But only on a few occasions.

During that time too, I started cutting my own bangs and learned that I should part my hair on a different side.  I bloomed. Hahaha..  Seriously, I was pleased to find a hairstyle that flattered my face.  I started going to Toni & Guy in 6750 and on ONE low-budget season, I went to FIX (in Glorietta 4) and regretted it!

Late 2004, I got tired of side-swept bangs, I went to this hairstylist from Piandre and gave me a radical haircut.  Layered hair with uneven bangs.  I loved it so much.  My hair looked so different. Now if only I can find a photo of that...

By 2005, while the boyfriend (then) was onboard, I was feeling so down and wanted to do something radical with my hair.  I wanted a totally different look. 
And I achieved it. Again by Jerome of Piandre.

After that haircut, I had to grow it out in time for my wedding day.  Then I got pregnant and thought, I need my hair long so I can tie it once I give birth.  
By December 31, 2007-- I went to a new salon, Antonio's Hairdressing, and asked for a really short haircut.  I liked the outcome but I was expecting more.

Yes, we wore matchy-matchy from head to toe back in 2007 and waaay before.  But we stopped.  Too many matchy matchy people out there already.

Then I just grew it out. 
In 2008, a couple of months after giving birth to Mateo and few weeks before ze husband's homecoming, I tried out a new one, H Salon in Glorietta 4, right beside Debenhams entrance.
I had a fairly nice experience and I somehow liked the haircut.  BUT nobody does it like JEROME of Piandre.

By June 2009, I yearned for full bangs (again).  Jerome, my stylist is in a Piandre too far.  I couldn't drag my (non)ass to go to QC.  If only ze husband was here..
So I settled for something less (not in value, though) and more convenient.  I went to Franck Provost, The Fort.
This was such a disappointment!  As in! As seen in this entry  

And I have never gotten a haircut after that.  I know, poor me, right?  
I'm saving my hair for Jerome so he better do it right once I go there, hoefully by March.

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