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09 February 2010

Silly Me

Do you have a Brother?

Silly me, when I read it, I thought of a brother, as in part of the family.

I didn't realize that it's actually asking about the brand.

I do remember having a Brother electronic typewriter in our household before.  When having a personal computer was too much of a trend yet, back in the day when it was still very young.

Going back to the topic, as I have mentioned, yes, I do remember using a Brother typewriter from previous years.  I had so much fun with that.

I think I was just 10 years old then?  I thought it was cool how it "ate" the paper and type as fast as you can.

And oh, one thing I can never forget!
There's no more need for a correction fluid or a correction tape.  All it took was a backspace. Hahahaha!!

Then it was gone.

Back in the day when I had just given birth to my first-born Monica, I wanted so much to study Fashion Design and Sewing.  Yup, that's right.

I felt so tempted to buy a Brother Sewing Machine when it had an exhibit in Market! Market!
Hay, I was THIS close to buying it.  I had to stop myself since I haven't even enrolled nor stepped foot in the school.  Yes, it is still in my must-have list.

Though I'm not creative or artsy, I still want it.  That's just me!  :))

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