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15 February 2010

Sync Software

As I am writing this entry, Mateo is on the bed learning his alphabets, exploring apps on his own.
I am struggling to keep my eyes open.  I'm dying to sleep!!!
But I refuse to lie down beside Mateo; I'm certain he will be feeding non-stop from me.

Monica, on the other hand is doodling some letters on her Dora notebook. Juggling blogging and taking pcitures of my kids.  I keep thinking, I really need a sync software, to make sure our memories are intact and organized.  I have so many photos, I don't know anymore where to keep them.

I do have a Time Machine for Mac which is very helpful and reliable but I don't wanna take my chances.  Online storage, over the web are a lot of freebies but all of them have storage limits.  Believe me when I say I sign up for each and every new website offering storage.  I don't really care if it's just 1gb or 50gb.

I'm always on the lookout for a website with practical costs and flexible uploading and syncing options.

Right now, I have Multiply premium, Flickr Pro, Adrive, 4shared, Windows Live, and a lot more.

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