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09 March 2010

Anti-Wrinkle Pill. Would You?

L'Oreal partnered with Nestle in formulating the "miracle" anti-wrinkle pill known as Inneov Fermete.


I know for a fact that I should start creating a beauty regimen since I am in my mid-20s. Ugh!  But I can't seem to find a good one.  My face is very picky when it comes to products.  And I do dream of going to Belo for facials and whatever NON-INVASIVE treatments I can get.

But that's very far from happening right now.


This pill,
According to scientists, a small red pill called Inneov Fermete actively prevents wrinkles from appearing on the skin, nurturing the body with special antioxidants and lycopene that is naturally found in tomatoes. When taking on a daily basis, the risk of facial wrinkles is reduced to statistical discrepancy.

Maybe it's just me, but as I've mentioned in my fainting post, I'm no pill popper.  I'm scared about anything that I take in, even birth control pills.

I'm not a going green fanatic but I don't like having too many chemicals in my body.

Would you take this?

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