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19 March 2010

Belly Dancing

Not a lot of people know that once upon a time in my life, I used to do belly dancing.

Yup, you read that right, belly dancing (much to my ze husband's pleasure/ amusement).

That was in 2005-2006.

I was so eager to learn it because I thought it would give me better waist definition.  I never wanted toned/ 6pack abs, I just want them defined.  I think that looks sexier.  But LOML believes my hip bone is sexier.  Bawal mag-react! This is my blog!

Add the fact that I think a woman looks so sexy when she shimmies.  I'm very comfortable with my body and I don't really care what other people think about belly dancing. I've been meaning to go back to it but I still haven't found a partner.

I came across this article on a website I'm currently browsing.
Belly dance is a comprehensive art that can make a woman practicing it look graceful and sexy. Belly dance effectively works abs and hips so you can sculpture an awesome body by doing it. Moreover, you are having a lot of fun and getting recharged as you perform belly dance. However, that’s where all the positives end. A study by European scientists at the International Health Association revealed that belly dance can shake your spine loose.

This is caused by vertical and horizontal shimmies which are important element of belly dance. Shimmies put a great stress on the spine, which may injure even professional dancers, let alone novices. What’s more, belly dance can cause different gynecological diseases. Richard Smith, who led the study, strongly encourages anyone wishing to take belly dance classes to get medical examination to prevent health problems.
You should be also aware of many precautions before doing belly dance. You should abstain from belly dancing if you are pregnant or flat-footed, have vertebral dislocation, herniated discs or back pain, any kind of swellings or pus infection, any gynecological condition, problems with liver, stomach, upper air passage and varicose veins. If your medical examination reveals any of these health problems, you will be better off not doing belly dance and choose a safer dance for yourself.

Hmm, so does this include my back injury I got from 2006?  I hope not.  Though I do admit, something feels wrong with my back and my core.  It's as if it's not strong enough.  I know I should start doing something about it but I'm too lazy.


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