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12 March 2010

Chelsea Serendra + Friends For Life

Chelsea never disappoints (at least for me).

Love the food.
Love the location.
Love the serving.
Love the servants.
Love the place's design.

Please pardon me for my extremely simple descriptions.
Whoever said I was a food blogger??  Hahahaha!!

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with my friends for life.  That's not really our barkada name.
Oh believe me when I say I never affiliated myself with a single barkada.

Yes I've had my steady and constant group of friends but I personally never referred to them as barkada.  I was afraid I might jinx it.

But don't get me wrong.  I love my friends dearly.  Ask them.  They will give same answers as if it's scripted.  I'm not bragging but only goes to show I value my friends and our friendship.


My two friends, we met during high school.
Wearing green is Letlet.  Oh, we've come a loooong way.  My soul sister.
The one in the middle is Joebelle.  We've shared several experiences and we're both mothers.  My kumare but not really.
It's sad that we don't see each other regularly.  But we know the bond is there.

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with these lovely ladies for a dinner in Chelsea.

I wouldn't say the food was costly because I enjoyed every single bite and we were so stuffed.  We weren't able to finish the food, Joebelle just gave it to her driver.  Oh yeah, she leveled up already. Hahahaha!!!

During dinner, we talked about Letlet's upcoming wedding, marital issues--mostly happy, kids, and of course, gossip.  What's a fun dinner without gossip and making fun of those who treated us wrong, right? (Oh, I forgot to ask about Painted Hermit Crab Shells, saw some of those from the last ExpoKid in Rockwell. I think I wanna buy one for the kids.)

Like how many from high school actually thought we were gonna fail in life? Well, look at you now.
How many of those wannabe's judged us and would go the extent of trying (in vain) to wreck our happy and tight friendship?  Look at you now.

Yes, we think we're playful in every sense of the word.  We are perky especially when we're together.  We have the same interests. We have our secrets.

And it may seem ironic but BOYS never really interest us.  We weren't the type who would keep on crushing on every single guy from every batch.  That's just not us.
They were the ones who got interested.  Hahaha.  That part, I'm just kidding.  We wouldn't really know.  We were/are just minding our own little happy world.


Man, I miss those bones.

Joebelle and I go a long way back since sophomore year in high school. We were classmates and though I admit I never thought we'd ever be friends, her being very maarte.  But who am I to complain when I know for a fact I have my own kaartehan.

We got along really quickly and were instantly partners in crime.  She has nothing to hide from me.  We can read each other's minds.  I can't really say that the two of us are more playful than Letlet--she has her own way of being more playful.  Labo..

How do I explain it?  Well, we have our own ways and actions that make us playful.  We may be perfectly in sync but we never lost each other's identity.
 I think that's very important.

We both have our own kids now.

And I'm very proud of what kind of a mother Joebellte turned out to be.

Does it really need to be such a short post for Joebelle?


Karmic Sisters

Letlet and I.  Oh, Lolita!
How did we become friends?
Our friendship started during sophomore year too but we weren't classmates.  She belonged to the first pilot class and Joebelle and I were in the second pilot.  I can't pinpoint how we became friends.

I do remember we were introduced and hit it off right away.  I knew she'd be my good friend the moment I met her.  I felt it. Honest.
I initially thought we would get along since I noticed that she was familiar with anything branded.  And her sense of style, I sorta liked.  She wasn't baduy back then.  And we sorta "understood" each other since we both had cellphones back then.  We won't think of each other as a show-off.  We knew the importance of it.
Gosh, she deserves a different post.
So I'm gonna stop right here and make a mental note to dedicate a post for her.

It's been over 10 years and we're still together.
Just the three of us but it's all good.

Cheers to spending special moments together! Mostly in spirit.  Hahahaha!!

Love my lovely ladies.

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