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10 March 2010

Chikiting Patrol

My Chikitings

Sometimes I call them bagets, sometimes chikitings.  I really don't have a specific term of endearment for each of them.

At times, though, I'd say love or baby girl/boy.  I'm really not into those stuff.

Hello, LOML, we don't even refer to each other as hun, honey or whatnot.

During the early part of our relationship, we used Dude.  But then Finding Nemo got too well-accepted by everyone and every single person I know (and hear strangers too) started using Dude.  So we stopped.  Sometimes, we still tend to use it, out of the blue.

We used to call each other Baby but only if one of us is making pa-cute.  It's just not us.  We don't really act like the baby of the other.  Eeep!

Then we tried Babe.  It was working well.  But then Anne Curtis and Sam Milby used it in one of the teleseryes, I forgot the title, it's the one with Bea and John Lloyd.
So we scratched that.  People might think we're following a trend.

Next was Love. I knoooow!!!! Baduy to the highest level!! But then very few people use this, well, I don't hear it too much, so that's why we sorta agreed to use it.  But again, we only use it super rare.

But wait! Why am I even talking about that??  That should be for another post.  

I'm the queen of wandering thoughtsMy mind is more noisy than my mouth.  This usually happens to me when ze husband is not around because I have nobody to talk to.  Just this blog and several notebooks/organizers/journals.  

When he's here we'd talk for hours on no end.  We forget to sleep but not the deed. Hahahahaha!!!! 

Oh... kay!! There I go again.

The topic:
My kiddos.

I love taking pictures of them while sleeping--they're just so adorable, at least for me! Yes, adorable while sleeping but gone wild when awake. Hahahaha!!!

Seriously, I prefer them rowdy than calm and sick.  No way!

Even if 90% of the time I have no place to sleep, since they occupy the whole queen-sized bed, I still love them.

Just look at how Monica hugs her brother.  Sometimes it's the other way around.  I especially love it when they have the same sleeping position.  I feel like I have TWINS! Hahahaha!!!

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