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08 March 2010

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A comment I received this morning.

Ok, no matter how the question is delivered, I will answer it.
I cannot hear you talk and I do not know you so I will not judge you.


First off, we are not rich. 

Sometimes I ask myself that question too.  And at times I am amazed how we get to amass the few things that we have.  And honestly, we know they are not investments.  We have yet to get those.  We have to.

To answer your question:

We have a business of our own.  That business fed us when he was on vacation for 10 months the last time.  That business gave us enough profit for us to eat wherever and whenever we want, to buy us a FEW of the things the kids wanted. And the things we wanted.

Whatever we get to buy now, we know we won't be able to do the same once the kids start schooling and that's by 2011.  Although I plan to send my little girl to playschool by June.

And by choice and for health reasons, we stay with my mother (seaman's wife too) so we save on house utilities.  Although I have a yaya, spend on our own food, and at times give something to my mother.

If you want to know what our business is, it has something to do with stuffed toys and illegal drugs. Hahahaha!!!

Seriously, yes we have a small business.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what kind of business did you put up?