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17 March 2010

CROCS Mega Sale 2010

Please let the pictures tell the story.
I'm so exhausted from this whole adventure.

It was just in 2008 when LOML and I trekked to Ortigas.  Oh, I still remember everything!
From being spontaneous last year..

This year, it was planned.

I didn't want to go at first since my kids don't really need a pair of Crocs.  But just for the sake of remembering what I did in 2008, I went with my sisters.

I know, I know, I know.. I could have just bought in the mall.
But sometimes I like to feel the satisfaction of getting that last pair amidst all the crowd.

And besides, Citibank mentioned that March 17 is only for their cardholders. It was a private sale (supposed to be).  Think TopShop Private Sale.

After the 1.5 hours drive from Market! Market! to Megatent, this is what greeted us.  Take note that when I took this shot, we were already in line for 30 minutes.

Taken from my left side...

Taken from my right side...

Due to the unbelievable herd of people, the private sale rule wasn't followed.
Now, to get in FOR FREE, people just had to fill up an application form.  A stub will also be given that entitles you a FREE Burger McDo and 12oz drink from McDonald's

Now, they also sold nuggets, cheeseburger, and McChicken meals. I wonder how much money they saved. They WEREN'T issuing official receipts!

My view from McDonald's.  The second strip of 4 lines.

As I was in line for our free burgers, I started a small talk with a mother in her 40s who had just finished shopping.  She told me the line in the cashier inside was UNBELIEVABLE!  The line went around the whole tent. NO JOKE. She also mentioned "I ONLY paid Php 12k for 15 pairs.  Pwede na rin.  I have 4 kids."

I can never spend that much money on Crocs.  Never. Rubber material.

What will greet you once you go inside...  The smell inside was that of rubber.

The three ladies in white are falling in line to pay.  Take note that they are still several meters away from the cashier.

A freshly-opened box would look like this. Consider this neatly arranged.

The striped plastic bags are in line to pay. This is just at the quarter of Megatent.

Oftentimes, you would find the perfect size for you. Only, it lacks it's pair. For the best chances to find the other pair, be ready for this.

It is literally a mountain of Crocs. This is at the farthest end of the tent already. You couldn't avoid not stepping on the items. You have to rummage through it like garbage. Think ukay-ukay in Japan.

Still at the farthest end, big brown boxes of Crocs, some are open, some are not. It's the customers who does the opening. And oh, DO NOT expect the SAs to help you out. They won't.

One of the ways you would pick your "most coveted"pair of Crocs. Hahaha!!!

The variant with the MOST number of stocks.

Prices and other photos for the CROCS Mega Sale 2010..

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