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26 March 2010

Definitely Tom's

After much though and deliberation (naks, how deep), I have finally decided that I HAVE to buy myself a pair of Tom's.

How many times have I mentioned that I prefer flats over heels most of the time.  I wear flats 90% of the time.  Although I love feelig girly in the rarest times.

It was last year around October in a Yard Sale in Encore when I encountered it face to face, they're to die for!  Yes I've seen them in Multiply, but only got to appreciate it when I saw it in Encore.

So I totally forgot about it and thought it died even before it got famous.  Then I saw them again in a shoe store in High Street, how I could forget the name when I'm always in the area, sheesh!

I'm in love!

Now I don't know which color to get. Seriously! They all look nice!

Just because it's red and white. Haay..

Because it's basic...

It's not my favorite color, really. But I'm really drawn to this color.

Because I think it's classy/ different.

This is nice too.  Better if brighter. Pero pwede na.

This reminds me of ze husband.  I know he would like me wearing this.

What's even better is this:

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