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15 March 2010

Enlarged Pores: Causes and Solutions

I've disclosed a lot of time in this blog that I don't have the perfect facial skin.  It's not bad BUT it's not perfect.  It could look better only if I had the time and financial means to splurge my face with OBAGI and/or Belo services.

None of those invasive procedures.  Maybe oxygen mask or some other revolutionary technology that coulf give my face a really smooth finish, no need for makeup, not that I use makeup often.

When you see celebrities, isn't it that their skin are literally glowing?
They really stand out from the crowd, not too much with their pretty faces but because of the skin.

Am I the only one that notices that?

They are really glowing.  But before I worry about that glowing skin, I also wanna do something about my pores.

Fine, they are not super enlarged pores but you see them if you look closely.

I stumbled on this article the other day:
One of the most common problems with face skin is enlarged pores. Even the most expensive facial care cosmetics can’t fight this skin defect. What makes it worse, enlarged pores are beneficial environment for different bacteria. Oily and mixed types of skin are characterized by enlarged pores. Unfortunately, the type of skin you have depends on your genes and you can do nothing about it. Neither can you get rid of enlarged pores for good, but you can use temporary solutions for it. Later on, you will have to support the positive effect when needed.

What Makes Pores Dirty

The top tip is to keep your face skin and pores clean. The following factors contribute to dirty pores:
  • disorders of internal secretion glands,
  • hormone fluctuations,
  • stress,
  • taking some medicine,
  • weakened immune system.

Skin Peeling to Narrow Pores

Skin peelings (surface and medium-depth) can help clean and narrow the pores. Chemical peel effect is based on removing a few surface layers of skin by means of chemical solutions. Peeling is intended to stimulate derma by removing the outer layers of the epidermis.

Enzyme Peel (Surface Peel)

Enzyme Peel is surface peel. Peel formula usually include such ferments as papain, bromelain and trypsin. The effect of enzyme peel is as mild as ultrasonic peel.

TCA Peel

TCA peel (using trichloracetic acid) falls into medium-depth peel category. It is effective for the correction of atrophic postinflammatory defects in patients with acne. It is quite aggressive treatment with 2-3 weeks recovery period.


Cryotherapy is the quickest and most comfortable treatment against enlarged pores. Cryotherapy skin pigmentation problems. The treatment can help against withered skin and fine wrinkles. helps resolve inflammatory infiltration of acnes, reduce oil production caused by oily seborrhea and lighten the skin for people who have

Best Way to Treat Enlarged Pores

You can’t get rid of enlarged pores by one visit to beauty salon. What you need is quite a long treatment. You have to combine professional treatment with daily facial care at home. All-round treatment is what can ensure a positive effect.


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