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11 March 2010

The Father's Son + Inutak Recipe

Can you even guess what he's eating? 

That's INUTAK.  It's some sort of kakanin, a ricecake variant.  Inutak is made of rice and coconut milk and takes a lot of patience to make.  I'm not too fond of eating this.  It's too sweet for me.

This is best paired with dirty ice cream.  Inutak is already sweet and tasty that if you mix it with commercialized ice cream, you won't appreciate its taste anymore.

Best served when hot, it practically melts when mixed with dirty ice cream.  This is expensive ha.  If I remember it right, a square foot pan of inutak is approximately Php 800. 
Oh, if only I can find a photo from one of Monica's or Mateo's party.  We usually serve it since it's sorta considered native. 

Just last week, I was surprised that Mateo actually ate this.

If you're interested to tryit, here's a recipe I found online [source]

  • Sugar (about 1 kilo)
  • Coconut milk (extract from 5 coconuts/niyog) – you can buy canned coconut milk from Oriental or Filipino stores
  • Galapong (mixed of 3 cups of rice and 2 cups of malagkit rice) – you can replace with Glutinous rice flour available in Oriental or Filipino stores
  • Vanilla (about ½ tsp)
  • Coloring is optional
  • Water
  • Mix together sugar, ½ of coconut milk with water, galapong and vanilla. Add food color (optional).  Set aside the other ½ pure coconut milk for the topping
  • Put in a thick pan, medium fire. Continue stirring until cooked
  • Prepare lanera, brush with a bit of cooking oil
  • Put cooked galapong in the lanera.  Press flat down.
  • Top with the other ½ of PURE COCONUT milk (don’t add water)
  • Bake until toppings are golden brown

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