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04 March 2010

I Missed This

Blame it on procrastination.
It was my fault why it took me two weeks before I could update this.

So let's quit the lame excuses and get it on.

First off, I want to share these sites that probably most people won't appreciate.
But I really just like bookmarking sites that seem useful to me and makes my life easier.  Even if I don't really get to visit them after I bookmark them. Hahaha.

I'm obsessed with knowing the latest in music just like I did back in college.  And I do admit, it's hard to keep up now especially when our house is filled with Playhouse Disney, Barney, and Dora.  Impossible.
Aside from AOL, this is where I get to listen to FM even if my kids are busy loving the noise made by the TV.
Almost complete list of the FM stations in Manila.  I only listen to two stations ever since. Magic 89.9 and Wave 89.1 which played a big role in my college years. LINK.  I know, those stations provide live streaming right, I still prefer this site.

This feeds the OC-ness in me.  I'm starting a new leaf with my iTunes library which I share with ze husband.  Believe me when I say we have the same taste.  The only time it differs is when he's onboard and familiarity (which breeds liking) with other music genres is present.  It goes back to normal once he comes home.

OK... so.. going back. 
This site lets you know the artist, the album, and the year of the song.  All you have to is upload the music.  LINK

Years ago, when mobile phones didn't have memory cards, I created .wav ringtones every night. I made sure nobody had the same ringtone as mine.  I only shared them with ze boyfriend and a few of my friends.  Nokia 7650 brings back a lot of memories. And I am straying away from the topic again.

So I found this site which makes me feel nostalgic and takes away a few moments of my time when I should be working.
All I have to do is upload the mp3, cut it where I want the audio to start and end. Then I download it. So easy.  Back then, I had to keep looking for trial versions of MP3 Splitters.  Trials kept expiring so I had to keep on looking for some more.  But this is online! No need to download any software.

So there are my current web finds which are really useless to most people. Hahaha..

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