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22 March 2010

Just Another LOML Post + Music Download

A couple of years ago, while LOML was onboard and I was at home in front of the laptop (where else!) and listening to a random online radio, a song from STYX played.

I'm not a fan but I appreciate their music ever since I was in grade school.

I've always loved The First Time. You may download it here

But please don't hesitate
Hold my hand, don't be afraid
Of the feelings in your heart
Just close your eyes, no one will mind
If we're to fall in love this first time

Don't be afraid of love
The two of us, we're quite a pair
These lonely nights we both can share
So don't be shy, 'cause it's okay
I understand feeling that way
I sing it on karaoke nights everytime I have the chance.

Back on my laptop, I heard BABE play.
I randomly heard it at a time when we used to call each other Babe .  So I immediately texted LOML about it and told him something like this (i will never forget),

Babe, sorry. Forgive me pero I heard a song, yung Babe, I'm sure you know that. Pero parang feel ko siya. I like it. You know it's you babe, giving me the courage and the strength I need. Whenever I get weary and I've had enough, feel like giving up. I love you! Mmwah!

That was it.  Then he replied by saying that he loved the song as well.  And it's not cheesy at all.

Hahaha!! Thinking about it, are we THAT mushy to actually think we are NOT being mushy?

And that was it.  It became another song for us just like that.
It was on repeat every single day and I even used it as my alert tone on my mobile.

Recently, I realized that it was the same as this upcoming movie of Anne Curtis and Sam Milby.
Oh no!!!

I know I don't own the copyright of this song, but I'm so sure it will be very pang-masa already.

Oh well..

So if you want to download the song, Babe, click here

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