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30 March 2010

Justin Timberlake = ♥

Two days after his Manila concert, I still feel RAW for not being able to watch it.

I've been saying it's my personal choice to not watch it.  I just don't like the idea of me going to concerts without  LOML.  I feel like I'm being unfair to him.

Since college, we'd always watch foreign acts. 
Sometimes, twice for the same artist.  Case in point, Boyz II Men.

And yes, we do enjoy Patti Austin.  Needless to say, we had to watch her perform live.
And several other artists.

When I learned about Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, and JoJo in one conert, I felt bad.  I knew I wouldn't be watching it.  Not for a moment did I consider to watch it with my friends.

Do I have a life?

Of course I do.  It's just that I know I won't be enjoying it as much as I would if ze husband was here.
In the same manner that I don't go to bars without him.  I'm also avoiding the intriga that goes with it.

I respect my husband.
Take note that I'm not the submissive type.  As said in one of my posts, I despise double standards.  I'm all for gender equality.

I respect and give in to him because I know he is the same way to me.

Yes we do fight about it  Because I can be too domineering. 
But then we manage to stay on equal grounds.  We compromise.
I don't know if this kind of setup will actually work or how long we can do this.
But right now, it's the only way we know to make our marriage work.
We are not complaining. Just saying.

So, I strayed from the topic (yet again!)..

I wish I saw Justin Timberlake beatbox.
Oh Lord! What I would do just to see him dance and beatbox.
I don't care if his saliva will be all over my body.
Read: beatbox = uncontrollabe spitting of saliva

Nothing green about that. :)

I have a weakness for beatboxing.

When LOML fight, all he has to do is to beatbox and my heart melts.
But of course it depends on the gravity of our issue ha!
Ok fine, beatbox helps no matter what the issue.
We haven't had any major fight so far.

Hay, Justin Timberlake, why'd you have to be sooo HOT?
N Sync pa lang, love na kita!
No strings attached album?
Award for improvement ka dun!

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