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05 March 2010

Louis Majesty, The Waves, and Ze Husband

March 1, I got a surprise text from ze husband saying they've arrived in Spain.  Blame me for not asking exactly where.  But Spain is not too big of a country, if I'm not mistaken.

By March 3, Thursday, LOML (as in Love Of My Life, hahahaha!!) complained that their stupid Ukrainian Captain is insisting to leave for Lithuania already despite warnings of waves as high as 5 meters.  Really, do they really have to be pro-management or pa-bibo even if their lives will be in danger?

Why are officers like that?  Don't they have their own families?  How come they are willing to sacrifice their lives just for them to be praised by the management? Oh, I don't know. Am I missing out on something here?

Later that day, the port authorities refused to let the ships leave the area.

By March 4, saw a report on AOL about a cruise ship being hit by "abnormally high" waves in SPAIN!!!

Photo grabbed from AOL

So I texted LOML about it.  Later that day, I got a text they got out of the breakwater already.  I felt scared.  The cruise ship is way bigger than any bulk or cargo ship. 

Oh, I can't wait for him to retire.  We seriously don't have plans of him being a Captain.  We just want to send the kids to school, graduate, have our own stable business, then spend the rest of our lives together.

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