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05 March 2010

Miss You Like Crazy. Non-Spoiler and MP3 Download

I loved the movie. I can rave about it over and over.  I must say, though that nothing beats One More Chance in terms of the much I've cried.  I was literally sobbing with that movie.  It reached a point when it was so hard for me to hold back the tears.

With Miss You Like Crazy, I couldn't count the times I cried.  It seemed like when I started crying, it went on for every scene after that scene in a Malaysian park.  It must be the movie's storyline or John Lloyd is really good but the most time I cried, he didn't have to say anything.  He just had to close his eyes for me to feel the emotion.

I get very emotional in movies (and in real life). Hahaha. Disclaimer!

Let's just say that I didn't regret using my free movie passes from Citibank.  Given the chance, I'd watch it again--> in the big screen!

Just in case you are looking for it, here is the link to download Erik Santos' version of the theme song.

It's a challenge to find Aiza Seguerra's version though.

Ok, so I still can't believe my sister chose it as her ringtone. 

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