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11 March 2010

Monica, The Chatterbox

Holding a flower from a birthday cake, she was probably looking at someone to have a smile like this.


It's been so long since the last time I posted about Monica's lines. There's just been too much, I found it hard to keep up.

"Awesome, mommy. Wow!"
       Please don't ask me where she learned that.  I have no idea.
↳ "Mommy, I love my brother very much.  See, I kissed him.  I love Mateo veeeery, veeery MUCH!!"
"I love you mommy. A lot."
↳ "When making pancakes, you need 2 eggs, butter, water, pancake."
       Didn't teach her.  She just sees it everytime we mix the batter.  It's her favorite.  She can eat 10 regular-sized pancakes.
"Mommy, only my cousins have daddy. Me, I don't have a daddy."
       Saddest line Monica has ever told me.  Of course I explained to her that her daddy is different.  She told me this right before going to sleep.  The time when LOML would rub her back to put her to sleep.
↳  Asked her "Do you want to wear your Crocs or rubber shoes?  To which, she answered "How about Nike?"

Oh, there's a lot more.  I feel bad for not being able to log it here.

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