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23 March 2010

Paco Park

Sunday, my NFFs (as in new found friends) and I, trekked to Paco Park.

Oh I know, it's beyond belief that I would actually go there.

First of all, while I love taking MRT since it brings back fond memories of me going to DLSU/ CSB + Binondo + Cubao area, I never imagined, for the life of me, to actually take all forms of public transportation in one day! And to top it all of, in MANILA!!! It's too much to take.

Don't get me wrong, I love walking and I really don't mind taking public transportations but it depends on the place.

Up to this day, LOML and I still take pleasure in riding jeepneys, shuttles, and tricycles since it brings us back to the time when we can't always use a car.

Back to the time when we had our first jeepney ride together from our beloved high school alma mater to Glorietta.  All because of a dare to spend an afternoon in Glorietta wearing our uniform.  He didn't know I was used to that.  Then we sorta teased each other to watch SUTLA. Hahaha!! But of course that was just a joke.  Oh I remember we just stayed there for a couple of hours just walking around.  Took a jeepney ride home--we didn't sit beside each other, take note!  We were still just constant buddies (much to his dismay, hahaha).  And I do recall the music was Never Knew Love Like This Before by Faith Evans. :p

When it comes to shuttles, I'm so sure we'd be giving the same situation, that shuttle from Pembo to Megamall.  He went with me to UA&P to accompany me for my scheduled interview, it was right after that super typhoon in November 2000. (on a side note, I passed but he/we opted for me to go to AC instead.  He feared that I might have the wrong set of friends)

We take those only if it's short trips and the area is something like Makati.

We still take cabs but only if we think it's more practical than taking a jeepney.

Paco Park, oh, I never thought I would ever go there.
First, it's not something I fancy.
Second would be the location.
Third, I don't see anything special about that place aside from it being used in Miss You Like Crazy.

BUT for the sake of fun and friendship, fine.

Call me snooty but I got really scared when we rode that jeepney from Market! Market to FTI.
Then we had to stay in a super carinderia.  I knew this was gonna happen so I ate in KFC earlier and stuffed myself.

Then we took the PNR, surprising that it was clean and didn't have a foul smell.  It was actually cleaner than LRT and probably MRT since PNR is newer.  I was still uneasy though.
The whole time I was thinking, if something bad happens to me, I only have myself to blame.  What would LOML think of me.  All the while he thought I was going someplace else.  I was gonna inform him but I was too scared to bring my phone out.  I told him when I got home, he wasn't mad for the record.

We got off Paco station and took a jeepney to Paco Park.
Suddenly, I thought of our family friend.  I recall as a kid, we used to always go to Paco, to this restaurant called Viceroy and spend the whole day there.  Good times.  Seriously, I can still smell the restaurant, recall the house, and the toys I played with.  But destiny was mean on them.  Sad story.

Once you get to the park (after paying a Php5 entrance fee), this is what you'll see

Of course we had to go up to the same spot where John Lloyd and Bea wasted a few pieces of Nagaraya.  Half of our batch.

With our trainer,

The girls,

The obligatory jump shot,

Scared to look like I'm on day-off if I have a solo picture taken :p

Returning home, we took LRT-MRT-The Fort Bus and I had to drop by Market! Market! to see my kids before finally heading home.

I was too tired.

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