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29 March 2010

Post For A Living 5 / Our First Family Trip

Come July, my little family will be going to Boracay!


We've been wanting to go back and kept waiting for the perfect time.

It will be the kids' first ever beach  and plane experience.  We had no doubts in booking the tickets form PAL--thanks to their anniversary seat sale.  Airfare's so cheap! Never mind it's on July.  LOML will be home by June *blushing*.

I'm now going crazy picking a hotel for us.  I  select comfort and I don't wanna settle for a hotel in Station 2.  I'm choosy like dut!  Besides, I have two very picky and OC kids. I want a room with a really big, comfy bed with fluffy pillows.  More than that, the bathrooms do matter for me.  It has to be clean!

I think this trip is really meant to happen.
I learned about the sale last Sunday, a day after Norvz lost signal. They were going to Nigeria from Rotterdam.  I was thinking maybe I should just book the tickets since it's really cheap and I'm sure Norvz would want me to do the same.  I know he trusts me with decisions.  We've been talking about a Boracay trip since last year.  But being the good wife that I am, I decided to use my very powerful and reliable ESP.  In case you don't know, our only means of communication is via SMS--no emails.

I was praying so hard that he'd somehow sense I need to talk to him.

By Tuesday, I got a text from him.  They had to unexpectedly stay in Spain due to bad weather. Perfect!  It's either my ESP is really effective or The Secret is working.

As expected, he told me to book it right away.  Yey!  I knew he'd say the same thing!
At least I was able to ask him if he was ok to bring a nanny along.

I'd have to save the other details for another blog post.

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