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19 March 2010

Post For A Living 5

Here we go again with some PPP lovin'.

I just got home from Makati with the kids. Twas a big mistake to go there, the crowd was too much for me, for the kids actually. While walking in the mall, I couldn't help but think about this Article directory I recently found which can be very helpful for my writing gig. This makes me excited about writing some new stuff.  (Feeling journalist?!?!)

But before I even think about that, I should start choosing the articles first.  One can never have enough funds, you know. 

And speaking of funds, Unionbank ATM was nowhere in sight so I didn't have a choice but to use a BDO machine.  Man! Their machine looks new but the screen is bad!  It was soooo hard to see what I was keying in.  I seriously had to stick my face against the screen.

But whatever, what's important is we have funds to withdraw.

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