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29 March 2010

Post For A Living 7

Friday, last week, I went to Glorietta.  It was unplanned.

My mother wanted to look for a powder actuated nail gun and Monica wanted to go with her.  My mother NEVER runs out of reasons to go the malls, more so in hardware stores.  Unlike me, she finds more joy in buying stuff for the house than shopping for herself.

Monica: Mommy, I'll go to Glorietta with Momyo.  I will be right back, okay? Don't cry, okay?
ME: Ok, I'll wait for you. I won't cry because I know you will be back. Take care! I love you! Kiss your brother goodbye too.

Mateo cried and reached out for her sister.  He kept saying "ca" as in car.

I had no choice but to dress up and go with them.
I'm trying to avoid going to malls and so far I've been able to resist making major purchases.  Not only for lenten season but I've noticed that for the past 6 months, I've been spending non-stop.  I feel so guilty already.

Until I saw this,
Why, MNG, why?
Why must you do this to me?

I vowed to only use two credit cards, Citibank and HSBC.  Having one is tempting already, what more if I have three???

I'm currently waiting for my Rustan's x Citibank card which has a lot of perks--those are what I am after.

Being the weak that I am, I signed up right away.  Let's see what will happen.

Topshop, when will you follow suit?

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