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17 March 2010

Post For A Living

The title is somewhat unrelated to my topic.
But for the purpose of easier recall, I'd like to keep it real simple.
Yes even if my topic is somehow related to diamond blade.

When I got home from the CROCS Mega Sale, I was too tired to actually play with my kids.
I was really exhausted.

While I was having my pedicure, I heard my mother call one of her handymans.  She is planning to have something fixed in our house AGAIN.

It seems like my parents are never running out of ideas, more like reasons, to fix something in the house.  Our house was never designed by an architect although they did consult an engineer.

But architect? Nope.  Maybe that's why our house keeps changing.  because they really don't know what to make of their house.

Then they talk about retirement.  How can they ever retire when all they do is have something fixed.

Apparently, the saying "Don't fix what's not broken" doesn't work for them.

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