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15 March 2010


Flickr and Multiply, why do I even sign up to this sites to name a couple?
I have so many photos, that's why.

Lots and lots.
I've got several thousands uploaded already but I'm not yet even halfway done.

When ze husband gifted me with a dslr, I planned on printing all the photos worthy.
But when I have thousands to filter, it's just terribly hard to choose which ones to save on a flash drive and print.

But, l and behold, online printing service, makes  life so much easier.  Recently, Multiply partnered with Digiprint of LBC.   Although I'm not too convinced with their technology.

Back in college, yes, they made a lot of money from my digital photos.
Now I'm too picky and hesitant to have them process my precious photos.  I'm scared my money will go to waste after several years.

I'm also thinking maybe I should just get archive-quality printing but I know that's expensivo.

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