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09 March 2010

Skin and Makeup

I will never forget.  I was in junior college.

On one of the many ocassions my friends and I hang out in the mall (a stone's throw away from our school), we'd either go to Rustan's or just Glorietta.  Greenbelt is just a little bit too far.  Our lunch break lasted only for an hour and a half.  But on one semester, we had a 3-hour break, oh, that was pure bliss with my Fab Five.


We were in Rustan's to check out some clothes (as what we always do) but we decided to pass by the ground floor first since the three (of 5) of us wanted to check out Philippe Charriol for a specific solid bangle.

Once done there, we went straight to the escalator and of course that would mean we'd have to pass by the Shue Uemura space.

Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.

This sort of changed my attitude towards makeup.  Being a girl, I've always loved buying makeup even if I don't really end up using them. God knows how much money I've spent wasted buying various brands just to try them out.   I'm too lazy to spend an extra 30-45 minutes on my face when I know I could do without it.

That reasoning and because of that quote from Shu Uemura. 

I know I do not have the perfect skin.  My facial skin is far from those of celebrities.  Not kutis-artista at all.  I may not have pimples (thank GOD!) but I know my skin could look better in makeup if it goes to derma regularly.

Yes, I want to have a kutis-artista skin, who doesn't??

I want a skin with NO visible pores.  I want an even skin tone.

I recently tried Diamond Peel. Just to satisfy my sisters' urges.  I didn't like it.  So now I'm left with 6 more sessions and I'm not even sure if I can still do it.

Poor me doesn't have a single idea where and how to start to improve my skin...

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