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10 March 2010

Sleeping Babies

They're supposed to be beside each other.  But I still can't figure out how Monica reached that place.

Looking at our photos, this reminds me I have to buy another Uratex foam.  We already have this queen-sized bed strictly for kids and the single mattress that we use is too soft already, our backs ache everytime we wake up.

We have to have two beds.  Placing the kids in a different room is a no-no for us.  Well aside from it being not too feasible given our situation, we strictly practice co-sleeping with kids.

Ze husband and I have a mutual and unnegotiable rule when it comes to sleeping.
We have to sleep beside each other. 

The whole day, we are too preoccupied in taking care of our kids.  We are very hands-on.  Really, our yaya is so lucky to have us.  When LOML is here, the yaya does nothing except wash the clothes and attend to the kids while LOML and I take a bath together.  That's an unspoken and unplanned rule since we got married.  Even when we go out, which is practically everyday, we rarely bring the yaya along.

We make sure that once the kids are tucked in their bed, we get to spend our alone and quiet time together on our own bed.  We waste time talking about anything and sometimes we are glued to our own laptops and web surf together; sometimes we even view the same site on different laptops. Crazy.

While writing this, I suddenly remember one conversation we had years before getting married which was brought up a few days before our wedding day.

We sort of agreed that once we get married, we will use a single mattress for as long as we can.  We liked the idea of being really close together during sleep and anytime we want to just stay there for hours.

We even thought, it would work best if we'd have a fight, we would have no choice but to feel each other and end up discussing the problem and soften up.  Hahahaha!!

Yes, we're mushy like that.  He's kalbo, scruffy, and tough but he's got a sensitive spot.  LOVE!!!

We fall asleep cuddling each other, that's how it is ever since.

Oh wait, why am I talking as if ze husband is coming home??

It's just March and he won't be home until June!

Three more months.....

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