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29 March 2010

Weaning Challenges

Mateo Miguel, 1 year and 7 months as of this writing.

He is still breastfed.  I nurse to give him comfort.  I nurse him to put him to sleep.
October 2008, 2 months after giving birth. Blimpy me!

It was a personal choice and my mini-advocacy to purely breastfeed my two kids.

During my first pregnancy, I was too busy shopping for attractive and costly baby stuff that I actually overlooked the wonders and value of breastfeeding.

Fast forward to giving birth for the first time on 2007, I was very decided to exlusively breastfeed Monica which really helped me lose ALL the weight I gained.  No puson, no post-pregnancy belly.  Breastfeeding is hassle-free until I started working again.
Monica and I in 2007. 2 months old.
I blogged about my struggles as a breastfeeding working mom.
This later on turned to be one of the reasons why I happily quit my job and my flourishing career.
Yes, I still think about what might have been career-wise if I didn't quit.

But looking at my kids now, I feel no regrets.  I'm proud of how they've grown right in front of my eyes.

I don't have regrets that I wasn't the first one to hear them count, hear them sing the alphabet, watch them take their first steps, hear them utter their first mama and dada.

Monica hugging her brother, a month old in 2008

I'm hapy with the path I chose to take.  The road less travelled.

I don't think I'm contradicting myself if I say that I want to stop Mateo from nursing.

Yes, the copy says, breastmilk is best for babies up to two years and beyond.

I have no plans of giving him formula in case I successfully wean him.

I've noticed that Mateo doesn't eat properly since he knows my breast is readily available to satisfy him and satiate his hunger.  That is what I don't like.  He's turning two a few months from now, we certainly have to maintain a diet for him.  He is actually underweight although his height is a little bit above average.  So I think that's enough reason for me to wean him.

My family insists on giving him formula.
My arguments:
- If I will just resort to formula, why stop nursing?
   - formula will cost us money.  I'm not concerned about the budget alone.  I'm just saying that if I can give him a better milk for free, why spend?
- just the same, if he drinks formula, then his diet will not be established.
- Monica never took any kind of formula.  In fact she stopped nursing when she was just about a year old.  She's perfectly fine now. 

Another reason why I want to wean is to train Mateo to be able to sleep on his own.  I've surrendered myself to them for 3 years already, I'm not complaining.  It's just that LOML and I also need some time-off.  While we always sleep beside each other, we still want to somehow bring back the past.

We still want to go out at night with friends. We have no plans of going on a vacation without the kids, that's just unbearable for us.  All we're asking for is to go to places we used to frequent and try out new ones.

He's coming home June and so far I've only tried the vinegar method with Mateo.  Not working.
I have yet to try the plaster method which I highly doubt.  Mateo loves the idea of taking out adhesive tapes.  And he's smart that milk doesn't disappear just coz there's a plaster.

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