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04 March 2010

Wedding is In

I am currently surrounded with people who are:
  • planning to get married
  • about to get married, or
  • just married
What does that mean?
Well, aside from receiving wedding invitations, it only means I have to prepare our budget to buy wedding presents. 

Now let's see, what do we often give in weddings? Certainly we don't buy photo albums or photo frames. Hahaha.  We like giving dinnerware, bedsheets and pillows.  Often overlooked by some guests that the couple needs pillows too!

Aside from budget, I'm starting to realize that my current age is everyone's ideal age to get hitched.
And here I am with two kids already. No regrets, though!

I'm really abnormal. Hehehe.

Another realization that needs attention is our wedding album!
Wow! We're approaching our 4th year together and our album is still non-existent.

I guess it's really like that when real life takes over, huh?
I wonder when we can ever find the time to choose the pictures and clips?

Oh well. Here's to wishing our friends the best of luck!

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