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26 April 2010


Because I know I have been negligent, let me do a quick post.

I also BADLY need to take a breather from doing super serious articles.  Think Biomedical Physics.
Wow!! Totally not part of my college degree but I'm thankful I was able to complete the term paper task that was given to me the past week.  I only had two days to finish a 10-page term paper.

Man!  That was stressful.  I had to work on my birthday and spend my afternoon in Krispy Kreme, Bonifacio High Street.  To finish the task in two days at home was impossible.

I still have to complete 30 articles with 500 words each.  Five of these are due on the 28th. AH!
Remind me why I even accepted the offer.

Ok, let me not bore you about that.

Something that perked me up, I like this.
For the record, I do not plan on buying this.  If by any chance I had the extra cash to spare after purchasing some from my want list, then I will definitely get this.

Oooh.. yummy! Definitely!

Haay.. My love affair with DMs.

Dr. Martens means more to me than just being a brand of footwear.

It's LOVE. Pure LOVE.

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