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28 April 2010

Dream Sounds

Didn't plan on blogging tonight since I have to finish THIRTY 500-word articles.  Aah! I don't know where to start.

I couldn't resist, I really just have to log this..

Listening to Dream Sounds over Wave 89.1

This station played a big part in my college life.  Seriously, I don't wanna sound cliche or corny, but I really wouldn't know how I could have survived my heartbreaks without Wave.

The very first day they launched, it was in 2001, I was glued.
Everywhere I went, I had to be with my fully-charged mobile so I could listen to it via my phone's FM radio.

We were inseparable.

I stuck with Wave during the first few weeks full of technical glitches.
I can never forget a weekend when they played Time Will Reveal (Shades version) thrice in a span of 3 hours. I was too pleased I had to text my all time Love of my Life

Believe me when I say I refused to watch TV just so I could listen to it, literally all day and all night.

I'm on it whenever I'm
 dressing up
taking a bath (yes, it's true)

I was such a die-hard listener.

Even when I was with friends.

During our yearly hell months, Wave kept me company.  I cried thousands of buckets of tears with Wave (eep! :p)

Now, Wave turned 9 years old.  Wow, unbelievable.  Has it really been 9 years?  The songs still give me goosebumps.  Ze husband and I are celebrating our first decade together on *secret!!*

The songs remind me of ALL the heartbreaks.  All of the sadness.

Even if that's the case,

The songs remind me of how much I love THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.

I love it that I can still feel the pain from years ago even if it doesn't really matter to me now.
Oh, am I even making sense?

I remember all the sacrifices, unwavering efforts to keep the love alive and the relationship going, petty fights, and sweet reconciliations.


I can go on and on and on with our experiences.  I will never get tired of sharing our story.

I swear my life on this, our love story is worthy to be used as a storyline for a Star Cinema-produced movie. Hahaha!!!

Really, ours is like that of One More Chance.

You could imagine how much I cried over every single scene there--soo relatable!
Ze husband being the man that he is smiles over scenes he finds "familiar" but yes, he got teary-eyed!
Shh.. That's supposed to be a secret.

Spilling too much information now. Hahaha

Let me just share a photo from 4 years ago. Photo taken after his "speech" that made me cry.

I can never find a replacement for this.  Nobody can ever make me feel MORE secure just by giving me a hug.  Nobody can EVER comfort me MORE.

He's my TRUE HOME.

Now back to my articles...

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