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26 April 2010


April 14, 2010

I attended a Focused Group Discussion facilitated by Nielsen for a fine dining restaurant.
I've been in several discussions and it's always enjoyable.

Because there's free food. Hahaha.
I meet other mothers.
Makes me feel like my views as a consumer is important.
I earn from it.

Here is what I had for breakfast.

I've had better-tasting breakfasts but since I love having prepared morning meals, I really don't mind.

During the discussion, we just had to share our opinions on a restaurant's service, menu options, and promos.  All for just two hours and I earned Php 1500.

Am I cheap?

I don't think so.
Where else can I earn Php 1500 for just sharing my opinions for a couple of hours.

If you want to join, activities such as this, please leave your name, age and mobile number so I can refer you.  They need a lot of participants for various topics.

No worries, I won't publish your details.

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