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26 April 2010

The Letter T

Monica is not the usual kid.
She's very much unique.
I'm not saying that just because I'm her mother.
I'm the most unbiased person you'll ever meet. (And believe it or not, I'm not judgmental).  While it is true that I OFTEN criticize people, I AM MY greatest critic too.  
Even if I ridicule other people, after a blow-by-blow criticism, I end it by analyzing the person and thinking of endless possibilities why a person is as such.  And I sorta take back everything I said. Hahaha.

Because playing/ being creative with LEGO/blocks is my frustration as a kid, I bought a set for my kids.  I really bought it for Mateo since he's the boy and I want to see him create stuff from it.  It was my intention to buy it even before Monica turned 2, I though it's better to just expose them.  Nothing to lose.

Last quarter of 2009, Monica started learning about the alphabet and numbers on her own with the iPod.  She was just barely 2.5 years old.  To say that I was impressed is an understatement.

Anyway, very recently I decided to take pictures of most of her "creations"
Monica: Mommy, what letter is this, huh?
Me: Hmm, that's the letter T
Monica: You're right mommy.  Very good. You know your letters.  What color is it mommy?
Me: It's orange!
Monica: No, mommy.  What color is this?
Me: Green.
Monica: Good job mommy.  A green T

Monica: Look mommy.  A tower. I made it.  See? It's got green, blue, and pink.  All my favorite colors.  I love green. I love blue. I love pink.  You like it mommy?
ME: Of course! I love it! Looks very colorful.

Monica:  Look mommy, I can spell OSO.  See? O-S-O is oso! And it's my favorite colors too!

This is Monica's version of a BAT puppet.  Pretty clever.  She has a video podcast of how to make a bat puppet but it was by using construction paper and a popsicle stick

I was really amazed at how she was able to make it look like the one from her iPod

Monica:  Mommy, look! A bat puppet. See? Like Lucy and Nina

This is another angle of her bat puppet.
The two blocks in the middle are the eyes.

I have yet to see Mateo's work because all he does now is to give the blocks to her sister.  And most of the time, he destroys Monica's work.

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