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26 April 2010

Mateo And His Weird Eating Habits

Mateo Miguel, hay!

Is it really like this to have a boy?

Or maybe my inference holds true that second-born kids are emotional, more challenging, and can be quite a handful.

My niece, my nephew, and Mateo are all special.
These three are very attached to one of the parents.
These three are almost always crying.
These three are hard to manage and tame.
These three are all second-born.


Mateo can be very hard to please.  He can never feel the same way over something.  One day he loves cake.  The next day he will hate you for offering it to him.  Note on the word OFFER.

A simple statement as "Do you want some Oreo?" can send him crying wailing and arch his back and cry and start to hit his head on the wall to show how mad he is.

He's the kid who loves testing my patience.  He wants to see how soon he can max out my patience.  I lose every single time.

I've always admitted I'm never good with cranky, crying babies.

With that, he knows he's not supposed to eat the bone part of either fish and chicken.

But he insists on eating it.  Don't start with me a fight that he's barely two years old and clearly he doesn't know yet.

Trust me, he knows.  My kids are not bobo.

Just like his sister, he is showing signs of being obsessive-compulsive.
He wants things done in a certain way.  Fury unleashes once we do something "wrong".
It greatly affects his eating mood and his behavior throughout the day.
He knows what he wants and most of the time, what he's asking for is too much.

I'm hoping this is just a phase.
I'm hoping that once he starts to learn how to fully convey his emotions, his mood swings will end.

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