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08 April 2010

Post For A Living 10/ Insurance

I hope I can flood my own page with blog posts such as this.

I will be turning a year older in a couple of weeks, let's not talk about my age anymore.  Puh-lease!
Let's just say it's high time I inquire about Los Angeles health insurance. Oh, I've reached the point where my answer to 'how old are you' is TWENTY-SOMETHING.

Would I sound weird or OA if I confess that I feel like I'm still 21 years old?  It's like I never got past that stage.  I hate growing a year older, I'm scared of what my age will give me.  I hate feeling ill, being called an 'ate', seeing lines on my face when no cream would work on my skin-- I get breakouts!

Don't get me wrong, I embrace responsibilities.  Hello, why would I even think/ dream of getting married early if i hated responsibilities, right? Right? Right!

LOML will be coming home pretty soon and we will once again discuss our future/ retirement plans.
Hahaha.. that sounded odd.

Seriously, we think it's never too late to think about retirement.
For now, our main concern is the kids' education and our dream home.

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