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09 April 2010

Post For A Living 11/ Scent

What scent do you wear?

Me, I'm not picky at all.  I know what I want (or is that being picky already?) when it comes to scents.

As long as I have my favorite brands, I'm fine.

It's hard to choose which scents for each brand, but here's my top three:
Armani (gold and/or white) - how sexy their scents!
Lacoste (booster forever!, touch of sun, inspiration) - the base scent mixes well with my LOML's second-hand smoke. Hahahaha.  Only then does it smell SEXY.
Ralph Lauren (romance, polo, etc) - the only floral scent that matches my body chemistry.

Have you heard of tomato scent?  Sure I've heard of cucumber, but tomato? Quite interesting.

Anyway, I wear one of those favorites and for sure LOML will fall into my trap.  Instant prey! Hahahaha!!


I think one of the reasons he fell in love with me was because of Booster.
Then Relaxing Fragrance by Shiseido.  He couldn't bear to stay away from me!
Promise! He kept finding reasons to talk to me and get near me.  He kept nagging me about my scent.

Boom! The prey falls for the predator.

Hahaha. Of course he will never admit it--not even to me.
So cute when he's at loss for words, unable to defend himself from stuff he never thought would ever happen to him.

1 comment:

Vannie said...

most of my entire "perfume-wearing experience" is with bulgari. green tea, white tea, BLV, voile de jasmin, omnia, etc.

fave is my current (jasmin), but for the longest time i used the green tea. now then have the crystalline version and i cant wait till my bottle finishes up!