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19 April 2010

Post For A Living 17/ Hair Loss

Oh yes, it's time to work again on this blog.  I've been quite busy Skype-ing with ze Love Of My Life.

Forgive me if I think that's more important than updating this diary.  It's been months since we last saw each other and more months since our kids last heard his voice.

While we had so much fun talking and teasing each other, I was also writing several articles.  Stress! A lot of people will agree that stress can cause hair loss (I probably need provilus) and dandruff too!  Eep!
Remind me again why I accepted to write 24 500-word articles! Ugh!

He's in Cameroon right now.
That's not their vessel.

He had to rent a modem for $10 a day for a week.  I couldn't really say it was sub-standard but we had problems with the video of Skype.  Images transmitted are late by 6 seconds!  Voice quality was often choppy and robotic.  Line would always get cut.  But who are we to complain.  At least we can hear each other.  He can hear the kids talk, fight, tell stories and watch them play too.

They are set to sail later tonight to Richard's Bay.
After that port, sail for 22 days to China and off he goes!!!!!

Homeward bound, baby!

Here I am again, getting antsy!

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