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20 April 2010

Post For A Living 18/ Laser

There was a time when I related the word laser to movies.  Laser discs, you know?  I remember we had to visit this rental shop in Park Square, Phasetron, just for us to rent movies.  It even comes with a bag for the discs.

Hay, those were the days.  I saw The Little Mermaid animated movie from a laser disc.  That was my favorite movie for such a loooong time!

Several years later, we would start hearing the term Cold Laser, first heard it on the movie The Saint.  While I loved that movie, I never understood the term. Hahaha.  It doesn't interest me to much to research on it.  Who know, maybe I will one of these days.

A few years after, Surgical Laser became a medical breakthrough.  The procedure promising better results than traditional methods.  People jumped into the band wagon.

There was a laser for everything!
All of a sudden, facial procedures involved laser to improve texture, appearance, color, and everything in between.  Surgical procedures involved laser too.  You can even aim for weight loss just by undergoing some sort of laser procedure.  And yes, you guessed it right, Laser Breast to dramatically improve the woman's breasts.

I wonder what's next for this field?

From movies, to medical advancements, to who knows--robotics?

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