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28 April 2010

Post For A Living 21/ Wood Shutter


Just finished five articles for today.  This can be quite stressful and DRAINING.

Today, I had to create 5 different articles for on topic with focus on SEO.

It would have been a LOT easier if it was about fashion, but NO.

It was about the keywords air conditioning.

One topic I wrote was how it harms the environment.  And to somehow decrease the harmful emissions of carbon dioxide, wood shutters can be installed on windows.  Just to keep the warm rays of the sun form going inside the house.

I'm down to 21 articles due for next week.
How long can I take this?  After all of these, I swear I will rest for a couple of weeks. I really need to rest my brain.  Seriously.

Oops!! My energy seems to be back!
My LOML texted me!!

Finally! Signal after 8 days!

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