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01 April 2010

Post For A Living 8/ Postcards

When was the last time you received a postcard?

Communication is high-tech nowadays that it's so rare to receive cheap postcards nowadays.  Why did I all of a sudden mention this?

Well, I remember as a kid, I thought that a postcard is supposed to be a quick note sent to someone informing the him/her the location of the other person.  I'm turning 26 real soon and so far I've only received 1 postcard. Haha!

I have a friend from New Zealand whom I met in one of my trips abroad during my childhood.  Now that sounds so long time ago.

Anyway, we kept writing to each other and send little somethings.  We never forgot about each other's birthdays.  Then we grew a little older and we started thinking, wow, this pen pal thing feels tacky. Hahaha. That's just me.

When I entered college, I saw her face on the front page of the school newspaper.  oh, such a long story how we found one another again.

Again, I was saying, why I thought of postcards..

Well as mentioned in my previous post, ze husband called me up at midnight to greet me.  And I thought, communication is really so easy nowadays.  You can even have video calling especially on situations you wanna know the EXACT location of your partner.  No more lies or excuses. Hehehe.

I haven't really tried that for that particular purpose.  Consider me lucky. :p

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