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07 April 2010

Preoccupied. Sorta.

April 7, 2010

Ooh, I'm such a fool for forgetting I have articles due for tomorrow.  So that should keep me busy tonight until tomorrow.  Please pardon my inactivity here for a day.

Second thing,
The Love Of My Life, otherwise known as LOML (in this blog, hello! I don't call him like that noh, ang hirap! It's easier to type. Hahaha.  Oh don't make me bring up that issue again.  Makes me think some more) is in Nigeria.  We're having such fun, exciting, and short text conversations.

309 Image(470)

Taken year 2004.  I will never forget this.  We were driving along Greenbelt 3/ New World Hotel. I can't believe how vain I was! Operative word: WAS. Hahaha!!!! I don't understand why I took pictures here.  Oh, but I miss these moments.  We've not been able to take as much photos as we can since we had kids.  It's ALWAYS about the kids' photos.  So wrong.

Fun and Exciting in terms of his career (no jinxes!!), and his mucho-awaited arrival.
Short, simply because everything is compressed in 160 characters! Love you babe/ dear/ darling/ chong.

Oh yah, I forgot to mention here, that at one point we called each other chong.  We're super casual.  Which is why I super love our relationship right from the start.  I love how similar we are when it comes to taking care/ valuing our relationship.

Yikes... Here I go again. Straying.. Tss..


Probably wondering why we stopped chong when it's so uncommon. Oh, I don't think I can discuss it publicly.  I don't want ze husband to think I'm "proud" of what happened to me.  He might misinterpret my intention.  Maybe next time.  I'll check pa with him, I need to fish some info/ deep seated emotions from him.  Hahaha!

Ohmahlawd!  I did it again.

Maybe I should seriously start creating an outline before I post anything here.  Am I confusing everyone?  Toldja I think too much.

Let me just end this so I can start with my two 500-word articles due tomorrow. Eeep!

Oh wait, before I bid goodbye, let me share my current happiness aside from LOML.
You see, I first favorited (what a (non-)word, don't you think?) this song back in 2002, or maybe 2003?  Doesn't matter!  I was in 2nd year college.

Surprised to know that LOML-then-boyfriend had a copy.  Ripped the CD and shared it to my lover friend.  She's a girl.  We used to tease each other.  We'd call each other lover.  I won't show her picture (just yet).  I'm still thinking if I should tell that story.  This blog is majorly (non-word alert) revealing.

Going back!

For some reason, I couldn't find my CD of it.  I started looking for it in 2005.

Seriously, it made me really, really, really sad that I can't find it online.

All I know is the title, Ladies' Anthem.  Can't even remember the artist.

Today, out of the blue, I decided to give it a try again.  See, I don't lose hope.  Heehee.

Voila! I found it!!  Finally, after nearly 5 years of searching, I have it already!!!

GO and listen. And download.  Can't wait to tell LOML about this,  I'm sure he'll be thrilled as much as I am.

For real now, let me say goodbye.
So much for a supposed-to-be quick post.

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