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29 April 2010

Siomai = Love

Weird title.

Now that ze husband is set to come home in a few weeks (yey!!!), all the more I am getting so excited about everything.

Just thinking about it makes me smile.

This afternoon, on my way home, I saw this food stall in Market! Market!, Master Siomai.

Cheap food but for some reason, LOML and I love eating there.

We always have a good time when we eat here.
When I say good time, as in really, really good time.
I'm at loss for words.
So funny that after every order, we'd always take a guess if the other would still want some.
Even if we're married already and he knows how MUCH I eat, I still get shy when he sees me finish 3-4 orders of this IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS. Hahaha.
Sometimes we'd decide to share the next order but we won't get satisfied so we end up ordering for more.
Hay, shallow moments such as this makes us really happy.
It gives us more reasons to believe that we mesh so well together.
We're so much in sync. Super. I tell you.
We both get surprised most of the time.
Even if he's miles and miles away, even during the times we don't have communication..
We find out sooner or later that we were thinking of the exact same thing on that same day.
Then again, maybe all couples (married or not) are like that?
I mean, I'm not exaggerating but we think alike so much.

And I would like to end it there.

Ugh!  Why did I even talk about that?

All along I really was just thinking to blog that when I saw the food stall this afternoon, I couldn't wait for my LOML to come home already.  And that I can already picture ourselves eating there.

Tapos! Finish! 
That's all I really wanted to log. Sheesh!

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