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16 April 2010

This Has To Stop

This blog deserves more personal posts such as this.  The past few days have been nothing but sponsored posts.  So when you see the title as Post For A Living, know that it doesn't really matter.  Sure the content is still in-the-moment but I am also not able to dwell on it too much.


Remember this, this, and this?

It pains me that I have to delay it FOR NOW.  Emphasis on FOR NOW.

Because something is more URGENT than that.  Wow, what a way to describe it, right?

I've actually been thinking about it for SEVERAL months now.
Little did I know that ze husband was thinking of it too.
(Learned about it via chat the other night)

I tell you, I get soooo amazed how we think of the same random thing no matter how far we are and how much we lack communication.  Ze husband is a bit on the stingy side when it comes to texting.  Php 25 for every 160-char message.  The only time he doesn't mind the cost is when something needs immediate attention.

Other than that, Ay! Goodluck.  
I have no problems with that since he works almost 20 hours a day.

I don't really mind if he sends me just 1 text a day.  Even if that's the case, I make an effort to send him tens, if not hundred, of texts a day.  I'm perfectly okay with that situation because it makes me feel connected.

I want him to be updated with everything here especially about the kids.  I make sure I tell him everything.  I feel better knowing I can spill everything I'm thinking.  

Ok, so I strayed right there again.  Sheesh.

This it is Birkenstock.  Not Birki's, not Papillo

We want Birkenstock.

We already have one pair each then Havaianas took over.  I now regret buying several pairs.

Now, I find myself going back to Birkenstock when I go out.  I even wear it more than my other flat shoes.

I missed using it.

Now I'm craving for a new one. As much as ze husband does.

He wants this.  Non-leather.  I think the leather strap type is a bit hard to maintain.

While I'm confused which among these I would buy for myself
gizehJust because I have a thing for silver and t-straps since time immemorial.

gizeh purple patentJust because I'm a sucker for patent and t-straps since time immemorial.

for womenI can pair it with ze husband's Arizona style.

patent silverThis is nice too.

birkenstock for menI can see myself wearing this with my war skirt and war micro denim shorts.

AND for the kids
birkenstock for kidsOur kids would look cute in these....

I still have to find the courage to buy these.  Ze husband is urging me to buy us our own pairs already. Don't you just love to have a husband like him? Heehee.

For now, I plan to stay away from malls first.   know I wouldn't be able to resist..

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