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02 April 2010


Because of this post, several people are emailing me, making comments and asking if I was referring to them, sending me messages in facebook.

I've heard from everyone EXCEPT from the involved person.

Whatever I said in that post is dedicated ONLY to that person.

Hmm, how do we do a process of elimination?

Here's a semi-accurate profile..
A Girl, someone I know from the past, we have something in common but not really, she has a love-hate relationship with me while I am indifferent towards her.

Just to clear a few issues.

I have no anger or issues against ANYONE.

Now if only you make an effort to befriend me, I will consider it. Really.
Contrary to what most people think, I am the friendliest and most excitable person in the world.
And honest.

That's all.

Photo taken circa 2006. Waaaay before peace sign became omnipresent in photos everywhere. And annoying. But that's just my opinion. Ok?? Walang basagan ng trip!

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