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19 April 2010

What I Wore

March 12, 2010
This is how delayed I am in posting. Yikes.

The pants I'm wearing was from 2005.  Yes, I use old clothes from previous collections. I'm far from rich noh!

Never mind how old my pants is. What's important is IT STILL FITS ME!
5 years later, 2 kids later, it still fits me!
That's enough reason to celebrate! Hahahaha!!!

Oh yes! I am back to Eur36.

Sadly, I've never had a waistline smaller than 26in.  I've long accepted that fact.  
During my prime years, (think pre-kids) I was always too self-conscious with how my body looked.  I always complained about my tummy despite my sisters/friends telling me there is nothing wrong.  It may not be firm but it's flat.  

Now, I understand.  I look at my pictures.  It was indeed flat.  Note on the operative word: WAS. :(

Presently, I can say I'm content with my body.  Yes I could use a lot of toning and probably a little weight loss (even if I'm currently underweight) but I'm generally happy.

At 105lbs, I want to lose the 5lbs.

You might be wondering with that CURVES program, oh, it's over.

Moving forward.

Top: Women's Secret
Pants: MNG

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