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05 April 2010


It's been two days and I'm still feeling uninspired to write.  Unbelievable that I have nothing on my mind for two days.  Impossible, really.

Instead of blogging when I woke up today at 7am, I checked my Flickr account and see what's on public view.  I might be missing out on some x-rated photos you know. Hahaha.  Of course I'm kidding.

Let me just say that Flickr is the BEST thing that ever happened to my photos!  Multiply is second best.

I love how Flickr allows me to place a photo in different sets or albums.  I'm enjoying so much in organizing my treasured photos.  And tags, oh, don't you just love tags?  Super OC Lil!

SO I've set most of my photos in private and if you want to view them, add me as a contact.  I promise I don't bite.  Hahahaha!!!

My gosh! It's so easy!  It's like every other person I know has a Yahoo! account, and if you do, well you've completed the first step in joining Flickr.

In Flickr, I have like 7,2++ photos already but only 2,+++ are viewable to public and most are super old pa.

What I surprisingly found:

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