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20 May 2010

Before I Resume Virtual Work

Let me answer the questions first..
e231 The apps in my kids' iPod, wow, there's a LOT! In terms of size, I probably have downloaded 2GB worth of apps already.  Mostly free ones.  There are a lot of free/trial apps that works well as paid (sometimes).  If I see that my kids love the free app, I buy it.  The apps I buy are usually from $0.99 to $2.99.  When I convert it, I just equate it to buying a coloring book or a story board book. I find it cheap because of all the things they learn.  An example of an app I bought, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox.  It's purely games.  It teaches letters, colors, shapes, memory game, and puzzle.  My kids are crazy over puzzles.  This is just $0.99! Cheap right? Plus when the kid is wrong, it gives reinforcing comments like "Oops, try again."  I never get apps that say "you are wrong."
Haha. That's just me :p 
 This app is voice-aided.  No worries if the kids can't read yet.

There's a LOT of apps.  I tell you, A LOT!  There's too much, it will be hard to choose which ones to get.  Right now, they have 11 pages of apps and I deleted several already.  BUT they never get confused.  They know their apps.  I can go on and on in raving about iPod touchEven if others would think my kids are relying on technology for education.  But I don't agree on that.  I still teach them.  I watch them play and guide them.  When they are not using it, I teach them and sometimes apply some concepts from the apps and they respond well.

 It's really just a matter of balance and discipline.  I even think this setup works for us because the iPod helps me reduce my wrinkles. Hahaha.  They learn without me being stressed out.  I basically just teach them the "complications" and "technicalities" of stuff they learn.  Am I making sense?  I still provide them with toys like shape sorter, blocks, puzzle, and books.

Here is a good site to view apps if you are still in the planning stage of buying an iPod.  It's exactly how you would see it in iTunes.
Click here.

 As for my little boy, I would love e022 to give him another iPod (so my iPhone won't be abused any further :p) but I'm not rich.  I could use that Php 11,000 for something else.  And they use my iPhone alternately.  So yes, my iPhone is filled with apps and podcasts for kids.  I only have about 2 pages of apps for myself.  The 2nd generation iPad is already on my mind. I'm Secret-ing my way to it :p
 If I may suggest, if you have the means, don't buy 8GB anymore.  Go for 16 or 32GB.  It's so easy to consume the memory.  I would have done the same if I knew beforehand that there are so many apps and podcasts.

 Ever since, I never deprived my boy with the iPod.  I feel I'm a bad mom if I don't let him use it.  The first few weeks to a month when he first held the iPod, I let him stay on the bed.  It also helped that I stayed with him since I already assumed he would be frustrated.  At least, I'm there to guide and comfort him thus prevent the iPod from being thrown.

 But yes, there are times when he throws the iPod e107.  When that happens, I don't let him use it for a day.  That discipline might be too early but it works for us that way.  He can't really understand if-then conditions very well so I discipline by experience.  Eep! Is that even the right term? :p

I'm SORRY that this post has been looong.  I get really excited about iPod.  It's been like a mini-advocacy for me. Hahahahaha!!!
Well, sort of.  When we bought the kids their own iPod, my sisters followed suit.  So during dinners and grocery, we stay sane and stress-free.  Thanks to iPod!


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Anonymous said...

thank you so much for these insights. i'm a little bit scared right now to give him such an expensive gadget because he might destroy it.. you know what i mean. my boy's Optimus Prime was destroyed in seconds after we bought it, so currently, i am imagining what might happen to the iPod if we will give it to him.