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19 May 2010

Haircut by Piandre

I've waited months before my most recent haircut.

Believe it or not, the last haircut I had (prior to Piandre) was back in June of 2009.

I didn't have a good experience in Franck Provost back then.  I wasted money.  Tss.  So I vowed to myself that the next one who will cut my hair will be Jerome.

The one and only Jerome of Piandre.
His haircuts never fail to draw attention. I notice more people appreciate my hair if done by him.  He styles my hair in a certain way I can't explain.  He gives me a layered cut but it doesn't look common.
He experiments with my hair and I'm okay with that.  He colors my hair and ends up quite radical but it grows on me.  I end up loving the style and color he does to my hair.  But I still have to go back for a hair color.

April 17, 2010
One fine day on April, I decided it was high time I trek to Piandre in Quezon City.
Here, waiting to be washed and blow dried.
See, how long my hair??

My hair!!! Que horror! NOT! Hahahaha. 
So I ended up having bangs despite my new-found (non-serious) hatred towards it.
By the way, as always, I get really OC with my hair every haircut I have.  After blow drying and all, I always ask the stylist to trim some more at the sides, the bangs.  I NEVER get contented.  My bangs weren't supposed to look like that.  I kept nagging him to cut some more.. :p

So this is how the side looked like...

A couple of days after, I still can't shake the temptation to cut the bangs some more.
Because I'm weird and OC in so many ways..

Photo taken April 25, 2010
My bangs at the perfect length.

And now, barely a month after, my bangs have grown an inch if fully straightened.

I definitely need a trim.I've always had quick-growing hair.

Am I happy with my haircut? YES! Definitely.
Would I recommend Jerome of Piandre? Of course. But I personally think, a woman should have one stylist that can take care of her hair.  It's like having/finding a perfect match for your hair.
For me, Jerome is the one who can give me flattering hairstyles.  It's like my hair works best with him.
I know I'm in good hands when he cuts my hair.  I don't get scared if he tries to do something outlandish with my hair.

This post made me realize that I will be trekking to Quezon City every now and then...
Anything for vanity! Hahahaha!!!

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